Why fidbacs

Free from Internet

Run Survey Apps in remote locations offline without disruptions

Instrument effectively:

Context pin surveys. Array of Questions and Task palettes

Execute flawlessly:

Survey and team management workflows in one platform .

Track Real time:

Track real time Survey Progress, Effectiveness and Metrics

Run Welfare Drives:

Solution to survey and administer beneficiary programs together

Monitoring Change

Re launch new Survey Versions on finger tips to measure effectiveness

Scale as needed:

Secure cloud based platform sized to exactly fit your needs

Actionize Surveys:

Translate surveys into automated Action plans on your Survey platform

Fidbacs Academy

Engage with Thought Leaders for key project advisory asks

About us

Team Fidbacs is a bunch of unsaturated souls that believes that the art and science of feedback can change the world and its potential has been tapped only to a trickle. Be it a survey, a service, a transaction or an interaction - the success of these exchanges lies in the connectedness of two roles – the served and who serves. Through its amazing products, it is pledged to making zillion such exchanges transcend the barriers between the two.

Contact us

Seattle, WA 00000, USA