What is the cost of paper?

The true cost of paper is a very intriguing research topic. It can have several hidden layers.

Depending on the type of research, the geographical spread of research locations, the size and weight of the questionnaires, the processes involved in logistics and reverse logistics, this cost can be far higher than the specific activity of printing paper based questionnaires.

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Empathy is built on Fidbac

Empathy is the process of understanding the other to an extent that you actually are in the other’s shoes. When this does not happen, great initiatives falter and eventually get decimated to dust.

Feedback is the bedrock for Empathy.

Empathy is the bedrock for social equity and justice. Social equity demands the adoption of sustainable models both socially and economically to ensure that justice is long term and not a makeshift arrangement that did not last one gusty breeze of hardships or a sugar coat that lost its sheen.

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