Empathy is built on Fidbac

Empathy is the process of understanding the other to an extent that you actually are in the other’s shoes. When this does not happen, great initiatives falter and eventually get decimated to dust.

Feedback is the bedrock for Empathy.

Empathy is the bedrock for social equity and justice. Social equity demands the adoption of sustainable models both socially and economically to ensure that justice is long term and not a makeshift arrangement that did not last one gusty breeze of hardships or a sugar coat that lost its sheen.

Well don’t they say, “teach a woman or man how to fish instead of giving them a few kilos of it”? Apologize if I did not get the saying right.

So, what are we trying to prove?

Let us take the case study of three real leading global Non-Governmental Organizations and get a bit deeper into this subject. I would not name them because we do not have any active ties with these organizations yet.


Their Day in Life

Refugee Crisis Management

Getting to the epicenter of crisis. Identifying the task force and giving it multiple functions for that location.

The victims’ safe transit to camps and havens.

Ensuring they are supplied with food and medicines.

Routinized monitoring of their health and welfare

Evaluation of other additional conditions to ensure that they can be migrated for their settlement in other places

Violence Elimination

Violence is contagious and so is peace. Violence emanates from local circumstances and then starts taking larger proportions geo socially.

Peace volunteers monitor the streets for potential violence brewing in the locality.

They identify individuals and root causes and act as an ally to control and nip those in the bud.

They mentor these individuals and provide additional help if required to track their progress

Women’s right to property and beyond

Right to farming originates with the right to land.

Identify distressed women and assess their abilities

Identify resources close by that they can be mapped to

Identify training needs and administer training

Milestone their successes

Monitor and Mentor as they acquire land and begin farming

In all the above three cases, there is one strong building block that creates these monumental organizations.

Empathy drives these initiatives but the mechanics of feedback is what drives the days in life of these organizations across these straddled agendas.

We at Fidbacs have realized this that the current technologies, be it Open source or the Proprietary Survey Platforms and Social Connect technologies, do not have the core capabilities to support such complex lifecycles for social change.

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